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America's Own HolocaustNew article!

The Spirit of TruthNew article!

Why Christians Should Support IsraelNew article!

The Prince of Persia and MeshechNew article!

The Bible and PalestineNew article!

The Valley of Decision

The Purpose of Prophecy

The Spirit of Prophecy

Be Still and Know the Lord

Coming in Clouds of Glory

Who is Mahmoud Abbas?

Where is The Promise of His Coming?

The Roots of the Israeli-Arab Conflict

From Fear to Glory

Iran: The Center of the East-West
Strategic Balance of Power Conflict

Iran in Bible Prophecy

Saul and the Witch of Endor

America's Fork at the Euphrates

Occupying Till He Comes

Significant Facts about Israel's History

Knowing the Times of the Lord

The Election of Israel

The Reality of the Resurrection

Israel and The Time of Restitution

The Prophetic Parables of Jesus

The Saga of Jerusalem

The Vine and the Vinyard

Saudi Arabia in Bible Prophecy

The Blessed (Hope) Confidence

The Jews and their King in Prophecy

This City is the Cauldron

The Land of Unwalled Villages

The Land of Israel

The Fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

America - A Great Crashing Mountain?

Behold, A Red Horse!

Why Study Bible Prophecy?

Perilous Times Shall Come
      Sub-Article 1: Encouragement In Perilous Times

      Sub-Article 2: From The Very First Day

Nuclear World & the Armageddon Alert

Bush/Middle East Doctrine
      Sub-Article 1: Road Map to a Dead End

Is War With Iraq Justified?
      Sub-Article 1: Modern History of Iraq

Who Am I?

Behold, A White Horse

Allah and the Temple Mount

Bringing Islam to the USA
      Sub-Article 1:Wave of Tolerance
      Sub-Article 2: US and World Religion Figures

The Fiasco of Arafat

Spying Out the Promised Land
      Sub-Article 1: The Land Ye Despised
      Sub-Article 2: Giants in the Land
      Sub-Article 3: If the Lord Delight in Us

America, Where is the Spirit?
      Sub-Article 1: A Moment of Silence
      Sub-Article 2: Faith of Our Fathers
      Sub-Article 3: Silence of the Lambs

The Bible is Relevant to the Land

The Occupied Territory
      Sub-Article 1: Others Aspire to Occupy the Land?
      Sub-Article 2: The Truth About the Disputed Land

Our Father Which Art in Heaven

Israel is the Focus of World History

The Fellowship of His Suffering
      Sub-Article 1: Being A Yoke-Fellow
      Sub-Article 2: Fellowship of the Furtherance of the Gospel

Ye Shall Have Tribulation
      Sub-Article 1: Dying For Jesus
      Sub-Article 2: Like Lambs Among Wolves
      Sub-Article 3: Be Ready in Season, Out of Season
      Sub-Article 4: Every Knee Shall Bow

Ye Shall Be Hated

Never Lost A Battle

From A Donkey to A White Horse

Remembering the Resurrection

Confirming the Covenant
      Sub-Article 1: If Israel Were Wiped Out
      Sub-Article 2: Basics on Biblical Covenants
      Sub-Article 3: The Covenanted Land

Honey In the Rock
      Sub-Article 1: Psalms 81
      Sub-Article 2: Striking the Rock
      Sub-Article 3: Psalm 122

The Time of "Jacob's Trouble"
      Sub-Article 1: Two Peoples, One Land
      Sub-Article 2: No More Called Jacob
      Sub-Article 3: Embarking Upon the Time of Jacob's Trouble
      Sub-Article 4: Jacob's Time of Trouble Chart

America! The Prodigal Nation

Zionism and Racism
      Sub-Article 1: Anti-Semitism in the United Nations
      Sub-Article 2: The First Zionist Congress
      Sub-Article 3: UN General Assembly Res. 3379
      Sub-Article 4: Zionism is not Racism

The Symbol of the Divided Hair
      Sub-Article 1: The Preserved Remnant of Israel
      Sub-Article 2: Review of Jewish History

Oslo: A Peace Process or a Trojan Horse?
      Sub-Article 1: Letter of Invitation to Madrid Peace Conference
      Sub-Article 2: Statute for the City of Jerusalem

Rumors of War
      Sub-Article 1: The Strategic Balance
      Sub-Article 2: Israel's Strategic Advantage Decline
      Sub-Article 3: The Atomic Age
      Sub-Article 4: Hizbullah-Holy Jihad

Israel: Travail and Tribulation
      Sub-Article 1: Resurrections and Judgements...Chart
      Sub-Article 2: Mountain Peaks of Prophecy...Chart
      Sub-Article 3: Church Versus the Kingdom...Chart
      Sub-Article 4: Second Coming of Christ...Chart

Syrian-Damascus Involvement In Lebanon
      Sub-Article 1: Terrorists Attacks on Israel . . .
      Sub-Article 2: Palestine Liberation Organization
      Sub-Article 3: Military Balance in the Middle East
      Sub-Article 4: Israel-Lebanon Chronology

Sought Out: A City Not Forsaken
      Sub-Article 1: Jerusalem Population Chart
      Sub-Article 2: Seeking Out Historical Jerusalem
      Sub-Article 3: The Besought City
      Sub-Article 4: 3000 Years of Jewish history in Jerusalem

Entering the Rapture Zone
      Sub-Article 1: First Sunday After the Rapture
      Sub-Article 2: What is the Rapture?
      Sub-Article 3: Ready for the Rapture?

The Second Gathering of Israel
      Sub-Article 1: More Fallout From Camp David
      Sub-Article 2: The Jewish Refugees 1948-1972
      Sub-Article 3: Jewish Imigration Charts
      Sub-Article 4: World Jewry

The Perpetual Hatred of Israel
      Sub-Article 1: The Stoning of the Woman
      Sub-Article 2: Modern National Identities

Until Israel Learns to Cry

Camping Out at Camp David
      Sub-Article 1: Filling Up the Cup of Trembling
      Sub-Article 2: Burdened with Jerusalem
      Sub-Article 3: Will Israel Give Away Jerusalem?
      Sub-Article 4: In Search of a Temple Mount Solution
      Sub-Article 5: No Weapon Shall Prosper Against Thee

Blessed Is He That Watcheth
      Sub-Article 1: A Watch In The Night
      Sub-Article 2: Seeing The Day As It Approaches
      Sub-Article 3: Clothed In His Garment

From Beyond Space And Time
      Sub-Article 1: Shedding Light On The Cosmos
      Sub-Article 2: In the Beginning God

Building Towers To Heaven
      Sub-Article 1: Using Slime For Mortar

The Natural Law of God

A World Without Restraints
      Sub-Article 1: Removing The Withholder

Yearning For The Coming King
      Sub-Article 1: Israel At The Turn Of The Century

The Great Falling Away
      Sub-Article 1: The Subtly Deceived Church

Why Did God Choose Israel?
      Sub-Article 1: If Israel Hadn't Been Chosen

The Revelation Revealed
      Sub-Article 1: Biblical Terms Re: Tthe End of the Church Age

The Temple Mount Dilemma
      Sub-Article 1: Temple Mount Platform
      Sub-Article 2: History of Jerusalem & Temple Mount
      Sub-Article 3: Destruction of the Temple
      Sub-Article 4:Eastern Gate in Prophecy
Sub-Article 5:Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh
      Sub-Article 1: Jewish Wedding Parallels
      Sub-Article 2: Jewish Wedding Traditions
      Sub-Article 3: Jewish Wedding Traditions 2

The Valley of Dry Bones
      Sub-Article 1: Lazarus Come Forth
      Sub-Article 2: Jewish Population Charts Part 1
      Sub-Article 3: Jewish Population Charts Part 2
      Sub-Article 4: Jewish Population Charts Part 3
      Sub-Article 5: Jewish Population Charts Part 4
      Sub-Article 6: Up From the Graves

Rapture or Tribulation
      Sub-Article 1: The Rapture vs the Second Coming
      Sub-Article 2: Pre-Tribulation Scriptural Evidence

Israel And The Fig Tree
      Sub-Article 1: Astonishing Prophecies

The Coming Great Delusion

Islam and Allah vs. Israel
      Sub-Article 1: Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
      Sub-Article 2: The Five Pillars of Islam
      Sub-Article 3: ThePope Kissing the Koran

The Queen of Heaven
      Sub-Article 1: Apparitions of Mary
      Sub-Article 2: Contrast Between the Gospel of Rome and the Bible
      Sub-Article 3: The Immaculate Conception Deception of Rome
      Sub-Article 4: Dogmas of Rome vs. Doctrine of Scripture
      Sub-Article 5: Unbiblical Role of Mary
      Sub-Article 6: Comparing Catholic Teachings...
      Sub-Article 7: Mary: Icon of Religious Unity and Peace

Is The United States In Prophecy?

Jesus On The Last Days

Jerusalem, The Fateful City








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